The Blind Assassin

“Sometimes — increasingly, as time went by — there were bruises, purple, then blue, then yellow.  It was remarkable how easily I bruised, said Richard, smiling.  A mere touch would do it.  He had never known a woman to bruise so easily.  It came from being so young and delicate.

He favoured thighs, where it wouldn’t show.  Anything overt might get in the way of his ambitions.

I sometimes felt as if these marks on my body were a kind of code, which blossomed, then faded, like invisible ink held to a candle.  But if they were a code, who held the key to it?

I was sand, I was snow — written on, rewritten, smoothed over.”

from The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood pg. 371


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  1. Mbrods
    May 26, 2009 @ 20:43:49

    Thank you so much! I needed to find a page number for a term paper, and it was your site which allowed me to do that. I had a chance to look around the rest of your posts too, and they were all beautiful.


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